Wednesday, 25 June 2014

More shorts

Deathworld my latest short
and Night Crew - my previous short - Night Crew  -

my latest short - Blaise Forgous and the Night Crew

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Loathe Story

Steele and Ichikow - another strip

A fake 70s novel - the Cheat - now a Major TV miniseries.

Now a major televisual motion picture premiere starring James Mason as the Admiral and Ann Turkel as Marie. 
IN 1942, a train carrying 75 Nazi soldiers and their families crashed into a small railway station on the Franco-Belgian border. All on board were killed, as well as four people at the station. However, this was no accident, but the ,outcome of a French Resistance plot. When a stranded retired British Navy Admiral becomes an agent of British Intelligence, he becomes involved in a small private civil war between the Resistance and a small group of American military and airmen. Was it right to kill the innocent as well as the Nazis? Was "the Cheat" all for nothing but the debauchery that the Resistance considered celebration?

Incredible Beast - my next strip

If you are wondering the two were-boys in the second frame are supposed to show a progression in his transformation, as Mr. Pete hogs the first frame because he's so fame-obsessed.